What Is Modern Marketing?

An introduction to our philosophy and strategic approach.

To engage today’s consumers, your brand needs to play an active role in the moments that matter to their lives and loved ones.

An active role goes beyond simply “being there”. That tactic may have worked in the past, but with today’s competition and the modern buyer‘s attention span, it won’t wash. 

To really matter, you need to find your current and potential customers, wherever they may be, then add value in each and every moment. We call it “modern marketing”.

So, how can your brand start to play an active role in the moments that matter to your past, present and future customers?

First off, you have to accept that the traditional marketing funnel is no more. Consumers can and will make impulse purchases (actually, they always have). Similarly, they might take a lot longer and browse a far greater number of channels than ever before.

Now, this isn’t just hearsay. It’s an observation backed, like any good modern marketing, by data. Specifically, by Google.

Their recent research: “How intent is redefining the marketing funnel” encourages marketers to:

Forget everything you know about the marketing funnel. Today, people are no longer following a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. They are narrowing and broadening their consideration set in unique and unpredictable moments. People turn to their devices to get immediate answers. And every time they do, they are expressing intent and reshaping the traditional marketing funnel along the way.

However, moment marketing is neither about “hacking” the consumer decision journey, nor revolutionising our approach to traditional brand marketing. It’s about understanding that to win hearts and minds today, a brand must actively appear and add meaning in significant moments in time.

The anatomy of a moment.

In an excellent follow-up piece, the “big-G” describes “a new formula for growth”. They define key moments as those when a consumer wants to “know”, “go”, “do”, or “buy”. Ever more, those moments are occurring when users are searching on the move, from their mobile devices, or seeking assistance from smart home devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

So, what do brands need to do to win in these moments of high-intent? According to Google (and let’s be honest, if anyone knows about consumer behaviour and habits, they’re in a pretty good place!) they should be relevant, helpful, and personal.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what a modern marketing mix allows you to do. By harnessing the full range of Channels now available, you can assemble a strategy that allows you to implement the right messages, on the right platforms, at the right time to have maximum impact.

The 4Ms.

Our planning starts with an upfront session to get to know you and your brand, sometimes even better than you know yourselves. Then we apply our “4M” approach to communications planning, which helps direct your long-term strategy (whilst allowing us to break implementation down into manageable chunks).

The 4Ms are:


Here’s where we analyse the moments in which you might meet your customers, then plan tactics to ensure that you do.


Once you’ve engaged them, you need to ensure that your story resonates with the themes that are most important to them.


Having endeared them to your cause (and having stood out from your competition in the process), you need to turn that kudos into cash.


To maximise the lifetime value of your customers, you need to ensure that those who’ve bought once, buy again and buy more, more often.

Modern marketing.

So, it’s important to understand that the landscape has changed. Consumer behaviour (both B2B and B2C) has been fundamentally disrupted.

To stay ahead and to beat your competition, you need a modern marketing partner that can guide you down your customers’ path to purchase, ensuring you’re present in every moment and making the most of every opportunity to build better, more profitable businesses.